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Turbo Pic© Turbocharge your pics: Flipping Bass

You just never know when the double bass player will 360' his beloved 'Stradivarius'. The Living Ends' Scott Owen, went for it though, during the bands 2010 Australian tour. Times like this, you are glad to be shooting at a shutter speed of 1/320 sec, fast enough to stop the double bass in mid flight. A slower speed, e.g 1/30th/sec, could have been really pretty too, motion blurring the acoustic bass for a more abstract effect.

The cameras ISO was cranked up high (for a D90) to 3200, and the 18-35 Nikon AFS ED Lens was letting the maximum amount of light in at f2.8. Manual exposure mode can be the one to go for when you want to 'bolt it all down' and gain some control in a really variable lighting situation. The cameras exposure meter was set to spot mode, and a reading taken off the bass players skin to get the exposure of f2.8 @1/320sec.

Shooting in RAW as aposed to JPEG, will give you the maximum amount of options when editing your photo.You will have lots more chance of salvaging a badly exposed image.

Live situations can be really tricky with very variable light on your subject, surrounded often by lots of black. The auto exposure modes are worth trying (particularly aperture priority, with YOU selecting the lenses widest aperture), but metering will often get ripped off by massive backlight, or a small subject surrounded by lots of darkness, underexposing what you really want to be standing out, your main subject.

'Film is cheap' these days, so try some different methods, shoot lots and LOOK at your LCD & SEE whats working for you!

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