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Rob managed to spend the emergency money his mother gave him on a 110 Film Camera, while on a trip to visit his much beloved Uncle George in Sydney, when he was 15 or so. He spent the afternoon shooting his uncles new state of the art Creepy Crawley, cruising around his Beverley Hills Pool. Although the processed images did not overly impress his mother, he had found something that would passionately consume a lot of his time on planet Earth.


At high school (where you could see & smell the surf from the maths room window) Rob

took an elective photography class with Mr Ray Faggotter, and learnt how to process film and make black & white prints. Disguised as a Radio Technician apprentice, Rob marauded around the State Forests of the Mid North Coast, pulling out his trusty Nikon F801, to immortalise any hapless Forestry worker that should fall within its range. Then the love of music ate him up, and lots of dollars were spent on bass guitars & bi-amplified bass rigs- leading to Contemporary Music studies at Southern Cross Uni (University of New England), where an Elective Photography course took his eye.

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